18 inches Vietnamese Single drawn Weft Deep Curly hair

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Besides lipsticks, hair extensions are now in the list of must-have items of 21st century girl for magically transform the appearance. From time to time, we are obsessed with sleek, glossy hairstyles of celebrities under the limelight and adopt it like standard of hair beauty. However, that principle is out of date. Appearing in a party with thickness and seductive look will never fail you. Take a minute to try Single drawn Weft Deep Curly hair with us!



1. How can you identify Vietnamese Single drawn Weft Deep Curly hair?

  • Let’s take a look in this bundle, it is in deep curl. The curls are tight and small so the bundle offer very thick, floating, healthy and strong look. People often get wrong of deep wave and deep curl. The deformation from straight to deep curl need the fold is almost round while the wave, as the name says, it is much more like wave in the ocean, in zig zag shape of either side. As you can see in the picture below, this bundle is with a soft finish due to single drawn, it’s so smooth to glide your finger into it.
  • Most of our customers choose this bundle for a total alternative look, let’s find out some interesting one.


2. Why you should choose our single drawn weft deep curly hair?

Thick but natural look

  • It is unbelievable but it’s real, I always wear single drawn hair but my colleagues couldn’t detect until I told them. Our single drawn hair with mixture of short and long fibers offer natural look like your real hair. Thanks to the soft finish, the movement of this single drawn hair bundle is natural and seductive indeed. Your overall look will be enhanced glamorously with perfect blending of uneven density from single drawn hair.

Strong to support versatility

  • Due to the high-class quality of Vietnamese hair, this bundle will be best choice of you. The strong texture allows dying, hot styling as you need. Making fun with styles and colours is up to you. Despite any changes in styles and colour, the shining and silkyness of Vietnamese hair always remain to blend very well with your real hair. Deep curly is best for you to customize your hair with accessories such as turban, headbands, beanies. Distinctive look is now on your hand.


Deep curly never fails you

  • The biggest question is why you should try deep curly hair. If you are black girl, this style is best for you. But if you are not black, this style is worth changing your styles a lot. The deep curly hair serves you a sexy, healthy and bouncy look indeed. In case of party emergency and you have no idea to spice up yourself, voluminous appearance of deep cult will help you catch up all the notice. Quick and stand out the crowd is the best thing of deep curly hair. Deep curl also best choice for chic girls and serve vast variety of clothes styles.
  • Natural look, versatility, durability are some best reasons for you to put Single drawn Weft Deep Curly hair in your cart now! Shop now through Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR
Type Single drawn Weft Deep Curly hair
Style Deep Curly
Length  18 inches
Color Blonde and brown color
Material  Vietnamese Human Hair
Place of Origin Oscar Hair
Weight 100 grams/ 1 bundle
Payment method Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer
Ship by UPS, DHL, EMS or FEDEX


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